« Right now laser frameworks can’t be viewed as an undeniable weapon, » said a mysterious source in the military-mechanical complex. « They don’t yet introduce a risk to staff and equipment since they don’t have adequate penetrative power. »

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He additionally scrutinized Klick’s claim that U.S. laser weapons can make 100 shots without reviving.

« The Soviet Union tried the primary laser weapon at the Sary-Shagan run (in Kazakhstan), and keeping in mind that it could hit journey rockets and airplane the vitality assets of an adjacent atomic power plant must be utilized for it to work, » the unknown source included. « Up until now, there are no batteries that could furnish laser weapons with adequate vitality. »

2. Laser weapons in present day Russia

Russia is likewise creating laser frameworks, yet there is little data about them in open sources since these activities are characterized.

« Russian laser frameworks are coordinated in other weapon frameworks, and are utilized for target task and other battle bolster capacities, » said TASS military investigator Colonel (resigned) Viktor Litovkin. « The Russian frameworks have not yet grown undeniable battle freedom as showed by their American reciprocals. »

He went ahead to state that laser weapons have one key defect – so far they can be utilized just in perfect climate conditions.

« Right now, American laser weapons can work just in clear sunny climate, when there is no rain, mist or clean, » Litovkin included. « And afterward add to this the turmoil of genuine battle conditions when the earth is detonating on each side. »